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E-Books kostenlos zum „echten“ Buch dazu?

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Eine Idee von Nicholas Carr. Was denkt ihr darüber?

So why give away the bits? Well, traditional book publishers have three big imperatives today:

(1) protect print sales for as long as possible (in order to fund a longer-term transition to a workable new business model);

(2) help keep physical bookstores in business (for the reasons set out in this article by Julie Bosman); and

(3) do anything possible to curb the power of, the publishers‘ arch-frenemy.

Bundling bits with atoms helps on all three fronts. First, you give people an added incentive to buy a print book. When it comes to paperbacks, in particular, a customer essentially gets the physical and electronic copies for the price they’d pay for an electronic copy alone. That changes the buying equation. Second, you do something that helps physical bookstores in their own end-of-days battle with Amazon. Suddenly, they have a strong new sales pitch. Third, by offering the ebooks in a standard, non-proprietary format (ePub, say), you make the Kindle, which doesn’t handle the ePub format, considerably less attractive, particularly for anyone buying their first e-reader. (Why buy one that’s not going to accept those free ebooks you’re going to get when you decide you want a print edition?)

Either Amazon stands firm with its proprietary format, or it retools the Kindle as a general purpose reader that can handle ePub. If it chooses the former course, it loses e-reader market share. If it takes the latter course, it weakens its grip on sales of ebooks and weakens the rationale for subsidizing Kindle purchases. There’s also one other potential benefit for publishers, which could be very important in the long run: By setting up their own site where customers download free ebooks, they open a direct relationship with book readers, something they’ve never really had before.

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