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Zensur in Finnland

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Ein paar Zitate von der Seite des in Finnland zensierten Zensurkritikers:

The Internet censorship was being planned for years, and apparently three successive Ministers of Communications have been supportive to the Internet Censorship until it was finally implemented. When the ministry asked for statements about the planned censorship law from various parties, they were told by the Faculty of Law of the University of Turku that the censorship would be against The Constitution of Finland. Despite this, the ministry insisted there were no legal problems and that the censorship would be implemented.

Kommt uns das irgendwoher bekannt vor?

For example a document that goes by the name „Railaksen Selvitys“ and dated 2005-12-16 lists several critical problems and unanswered questions regarding the censorship. These problems are listed in the very beginning of the document and include things like effectiveness of the filtering solutions, the problem of collateral damage when censorship affects more material than it should, freedom of speech, what kind of crimes the censorship should exactly target, etc. Most of these went unanswered and the problems are seen with the current implementation of the censorship. Some of the issues were only addressed partially, for example the freedom of speech regarding reception of illegal material was touched but the police has now been found censoring even sites that do not contain illegal material themselves. What is being practiced now isn’t what was planned.

Apparently the censorship had already been decided to be implemented even before the legality of the censorship had been touched at all. In the beginning of the resulting paper from the above mentioned investigation it’s stated that „A decision of principle has been made to take action against distribution of child porn over telecommunication networks“. Apparently the ministry had told the law firm that they will implement the censorship no matter what, and requested a paper to support it and to interpret the law in a way to make it look legal. Where this wasn’t possible, the paper suggested what laws would be the easiest to change. From this point of view, it makes sense that the investigation would conclude that the censorship can be implemented.

Once I had released my critique and made the change to turn the entries in my list to clickable links, my site was censored less than one week later in the next update of the censorship list. Police refuses to comment about it, but has given plenty of comments to several news reporters about my site having functioning links to child porn in it. They try to claim that this minor technical change changed the nature of my site and that it is now a „child porn portal“.

Das ist doch ein tolles Beispiel dafür, warum wir uns in Deutschland mit aller Macht gegen unser Zensurgesetz wehren müssen, Widerstand, jetzt!


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Juni 21, 2009 um 04:57

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  1. Hey,
    vielen Dank für den Bericht und den Link zu der Seite.
    Man lernt ja nie aus.


    August 24, 2009 at 19:09

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