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DCRaw 8.05/1.315 Binaries – still alive and kicking ;)

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Newer binaries available!

P3 – AMD64 packages are empty, I’ll investigate – fixed!

After a very long time here are new dcraw binaries. Built on my father’s box with gcc 4.1.0. Would be nice if you could test if I made any mistakes. For now I built dcraw without lcms and lossless jpeg support, maybe this will change in the future. Dave made the following changes since 1.300:

  • 1.315:
    • Improved detection of non-raw files.
  • 1.314:
    • Updated color matrices based on Adobe DNG Converter 3.3.
    • Added Kodak ProPhoto D65 as an output option.
  • 1.313:
    • Improved Phase One code, set black=256 for P 30 and P 45.
  • 1.312:
    • Added the Phase One P 30 and P 45.
  • 1.311:
    • Changed auto white balance to better handle saturated pixels.
    • Allow „dcraw -i -v“ to work with non-raw photos.
  • 1.310:
    • Dcraw v8.00 major release:
    • Added „-e“ option to extract thumbnail images.
    • Added „-o“ option to select output colorspace.
    • Enabled „-p“ option for ICC color profiles by default.
    • Generate monochrome or four-color output in some cases.
    • Use more memory to flip images five times faster.
    • Use the correct formula for Kodak YCbCr images.
  • 1.309:
    • Apply DiMAGE Z2 color matrix to the Nikon E4300.
    • Added the Canon EOS-1D Mark II N.
  • 1.308:
    • Improved camera WB for Panasonic DMC-FZ30 and DMC-LX1.
  • 1.307:
    • Added the Olympus C3030Z.
    • New color matrices for the Minolta Z2 and Kodak P850/P880.
  • 1.306:
    • Moved constant black values from identify() to adobe_coeff().
  • 1.305:
    • Collect interesting metadata and display it with „dcraw -i -v“
  • 1.304:
    • Added Adobe matrix for the PENTAX *ist DL.
  • 1.303:
    • Added the Kodak P880, Olympus C7070WZ, and Olympus SP500UZ.
  • 1.302:
    • Correctly parse Sony JPEG makernotes.
    • Fixed „memmem“ conflict.
  • 1.301:
    • Improved camera WB for the Canon PowerShot G6, S60, S70, and Pro1.
    • Avoid an infinite loop with Kodak DX3600 JPEG files.
    • Added the AVT F-145C.


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