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DCRaw 7.53/1.279 Binaries

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Newer binaries available!

I’ve uploaded new DCRaw binaries. Dave made the following changes since 1.265:

  • 1.279: Added the Pentax *ist DL
  • 1.278: Added the Panasonic DMC-FZ30
  • 1.277: Added the Olympus C740UZ
  • 1.276: Added the Minolta RD175
  • 1.275: Added the OLYMPUS C770UZ
  • 1.274: Fixed the Kodak NC2000F, and improved the Minolta DYNAX 5D. Correctly flip NEF files that Nikon Capture has modified
  • 1.273: Support Adobe DNG version
  • 1.272: Added the Leaf Aptus 17
  • 1.271: Fixed gcc warning
  • 1.270: Fixed serious problems with the Imacon Ixpress. Moved most verbose messages out of main()
  • 1.269: Various changes regarding headerless raw photos. Support the Nikon D50 with camera white balance
  • 1.268: Added AVT and ISG cameras
  • 1.267: Added the Casio EX-S100, Pixelink 782c1, and RoverShot 3320af
  • 1.266: Decode the raw formats used by SMaL cameras


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August 28, 2005 um 10:09

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