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Businessworld veröffentlicht einseitigen Artikel

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Mein Leserbrief dazu:

Dear Businessworld authors,

I recently came across the „Software body backs EU protection move“ article. As a non-native english speaker I get the impression that the article fails to shed a clear light on the whole topic. Its not „bad parliament vs. good commission“ or „bad open source communists against the rest of the world“. Its more“ big multi-national mega conglomerates vs. small and medium sized companies“. Open source plays a role in this „game“ but not the leading one.

I further get the impression that the author is biased, because the directive as proposed by the commision has much more holes and doesn’t clarify important questions. Such questions as those which have been raised at various patent workshops in the UK:

In those workshops the current commision directive is one of the worst. The changes pushed by the parliament would clarify those things a lot. But it seems the big global players just want to have it like that to push away the small and innovative enemies.

I wish to end with a plea that you describe the situation form both sides and not only one.

Best regards
Benjamin Lebsanft

Benjamin – hi

I’ve passed your comments on to one of the journalists.

Thanks for the feedback – and keep visiting the service, even if you don’t always agree with what we have to say.

Kind regards,



Written by benniswelt

April 21, 2005 um 10:57

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